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Lighthearted Healing's Glow Up!

Updated: May 8, 2019

Sometimes you just need a make-over. And this site got a big one!

Find out what's new with Lighthearted Healing...

I built my first website years ago when I first became an energy healing practitioner and made very few updates to it since then. But there's been a ton of changes in the past year or two, so it was definitely time for a major overhaul. I've been working passionately and diligently for the past few months to create a brand new website that more accurately reflects who I am and what I do. I also wanted to add new features for an easier, more enjoyable experience for you as a visitor! Here's what's new:

1) The Logo

I worked with an incredible graphic designer who created the logo of my dreams. Katie at was the best. I highly recommend her. She brought my vision to life and her gorgeous design set the stylistic tone of my whole site. Which brings me to...

2) The Aesthetic

I used to design and build my new website. At times it seemed crazy to do it all myself, but I'm so happy with the results. I was able to ensure that every element conveyed the tone and message of "Lighthearted Healing." Hopefully you'll feel the warm, friendly, welcoming vibe that I aim to have as a practitioner.

3) The Domain Name

It's no longer LightheartedHealingNYC! Even though my office is still in Manhattan, my practice extends far beyond the Big Apple. I do distance work with people all around the country and will be doing more traveling to teach and offer private sessions outside of New York. I wanted my domain to reflect all that, so I dropped three letters and became

4) The Healing

Over the last couple years I've added Hypnotherapy and Spiritual & NLP Coaching to my practice. I'm excited to officially add these modalities to my website, along with Intuitive Energy Work, a style of healing that has organically emerged through the work I've done with clients and from my own studies. I'm also thrilled to continue offering Reiki and Shamanic Healing. There's a dedicated page to each technique with descriptions, benefits, and info about what to expect from your session.

6) The Packages

I've added a ton of new options for saving you some money while you commit to your healing and self-improvement. Most of the packages give you great discounts when you purchase 4 or 8 sessions. But I also have the Hyp-Newcomer package, The Soul Searcher package, and a seasonal Spring (Energy) Cleaning promotion. Each offers you two appointments in your chosen modality (Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing, or any 90 minute session, respectively), and saves you anywhere from 80 to 140 dollars.

5) The Scheduler

I'm maybe most excited about the online scheduling feature that's been added to the site. Choose your session, immediately see what times are available, pick the slot you want, enter your information, and get ready for some healin'. You'll get an email to remind you about your session and if you have to reschedule, you can do it with a click. Less time spent on scheduling is good for the soul. Check out the booking page here:

6) The Email

With the new website comes a fresh email address! You can now get in touch with me at Send me a message if you have any questions... or just drop me a line to say hello!

Welcome to the new, glowed-up Lighthearted Healing! We're happy to have you here.


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