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It's the opposite of paranoia. The belief that the universe is conspiring in your favor!

Pronoia: The strange, haunting suspicion that everyone's out to help you!

What if, just for today, you chose to believe that the entire universe is on your team? It would be the epitome of squad goals! Keep your eyes open and you’ll start to notice the signs. The more signs you notice, the more signs you’ll see. Soon they’ll be everywhere.

Try to trust that even the obstacles you face are working in your favor. For me personally, the years I struggled with chronic illness were SO difficult at the time, but they taught me so much and opened doors for me I might not have walked through otherwise. When I started to see the gifts of my challenges, my whole life changed for the better. I believe that the universe IS conspiring on your behalf... and probably creating something for you that’s even more amazing than what you could come up with!

Breathe. Trust. See. And then enjoy it!


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