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What is Intuitive Energy Work?

Intuitive Energy Work is an unique approach to holistic healing that allows the practitioner to intuitively sense the needs of a client's energetic system and apply the appropriate tools or modalities for the client's benefit.


This practitioner then guides the client through a healing experience in which the client can access and transform the emotions, beliefs, and energies that are contributing to their current imbalance.


Intuitive energy work encourages physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing.

What are the benefits of Intuitive Energy Work?

  • Deeper connection to inner wisdom  

  • Stronger sense of self and self-esteem

  • Heightened creativity

  • Renewed or re-defined life direction

  • Living more fully in your truth or purpose

  • Removal of blocks and obstacles

  • Opening to deeper intimacy with others

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved quality of choice and decision making

  • Restored vitality 

  • Heightened feeling of well-being and peace of mind

  • Relief from stress

  • Improved mindfulness

  • Stronger connection to spirituality and faith

  • Help with sexual issues

  • Greater success in career and relationships

  • Supports health and healing

  • Overall balance

What can I expect from an Intuitive Energy Healing Session with you?​

Intuitive Energy Healing sessions begin with a centering, meditative practice where I can begin to deeply connect with intuition, inspiration, and your energetic system. Then we'll chat about whatever is present for you as well as your goals for our work together and desires for your life, in general. 

From there, I allow my intuition to assess which tools or practices would be most beneficial for you. This may include: Guided Meditation, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Therapeutic Imagery, Breathwork, Coaching, Shamanic Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Human Design, Emotional Freedom Technique, Inner Child Work and more.

You always have the option to request or decline modalities. 

My goal is always to assess and attend to you as an individual.

Intuitive Energy Work is the ideal way to ensure you're receiving the exact right care for who you are and what you're going through in this moment.


90 Minutes- $222 



Emily is a healer, no doubt about it. We talk at the beginning of each session and I fill her in on what’s going on with me and she’s able to instantly craft an experience that speaks exactly to what I need. Her guided meditations are so beautifully crafted and individual to what I’m working on that I’m convinced she’s a genius. Working with Emily has been transformational for me.

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