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What is Coaching?

Life always comes with challenges and the world today can be a stressful, overwhelming place to live.  We all need advice, support, and direction to achieve excellence and be the best, most authentic version of ourselves. Coaching with an intuitive, energy healing professional is one way to receive the guidance you've been seeking.  Utilizing a wide range of tools, clients learn to identify and remove barriers, generate strategies for success, and access their own internal resources to create a clear, exciting new path. Rather than just offering ideas and concepts, NLP coaching provides clients with the clarity and skills they need to fulfill their dreams and goals with more motivation, confidence, and ease. 

What are the benefits of Coaching?



  • Self-Discovery

  • Increased Confidence

  • Clarity Around Purpose

  • Greater Spiritual Connection

  • Heightened Motivation

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Healthier Relationships

  • Better Problem Solving 

  • Career and Financial Success

  • Accountability

  • Structure

  • Compassionate Support

Coaching is not a replacement for traditional therapy, but can be a welcome addition for individuals looking to take leaps and bounds in their personal and spiritual growth. Coaching is also a great option for Energy Healing students and practitioners seeking additional guidance, client support, or apprenticeship. 


60 Minutes: $144 

90 Minutes: $188

Go see Emily if you’re ready for your heart, awareness, and inner power to expand at an exponential rate.


I’ve turned to Emily during challenges in my life that have all shared this in common: feeling lost and stuck and certain that I’d exhausted all my options and considered all perspectives.

Each and every time, she restored my missing motion and proved to me there was always a breakthrough for me waiting to be had...


I always leave our sessions with a renewed faith, sense of purpose, and an understanding of myself so deep that it genuinely shocks me.


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