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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a map of you... and you're about to find the treasure you've been looking for! Utilizing an inspired blend of astrology, Vedic philosophy, the I Ching, Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, and more, Human Design reveals your individual schematic that illuminates how you are optimally designed to operate. You are unique to anyone else and your HD chart offers insight into your energetic, psychological, and emotional superpowers and vulnerabilities. It teaches you how to harness your strengths and learn from your weaknesses to have a more successful, serene, and satisfying life.  


During a reading of your Human Design chart, you will gain new levels of self-understanding and acquire strategies and tools to help you align with your truest self and access your highest potential. You will likely feel a sense of extreme validation and peace because, at the deepest level, you know who you are and how you work best. Knowledge of your personal design not only gives you permission to be your most authentic self, but it also offers you a plan for how you can move forward, embracing your power and living with more ease. 

Learn to be in flow with who you really are (how you were always designed to be!) and unlock the flow you've been looking for in your life. 

What are the benefits of a Human Design reading?​


  • Self-Understanding

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Increased Confidence

  • Clarity Around Purpose

  • Improved Sleep and Energy

  • Less Frustration, Anger, and/or Bitterness

  • Healthier Relationships

  • Heightened Intuition

  • Career Fulfilment 

  • Better Decision Making

  • Feeling Aligned and Connected

  • Greater Levels of Satisfaction, Success, and/or Peace

Human Design readings can be done for individuals, partnerships, or families.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation if you have questions about what type or length of Human Design reading is right for you.



Ready to dive in, unlock your potential and live your best life now? 



90 Minutes: $222

Give the gift of self-knowledge and compassion to a loved one with a Human Design reading!

OR... support your relationship with a couples Human Design reading for yourself and your partner ($111 in savings!)

Light Bulb

Go see Emily if you’re ready for your heart, awareness, and inner power to expand at an exponential rate.


I’ve turned to Emily during challenges in my life that have all shared this in common: feeling lost and stuck and certain that I’d exhausted all my options and considered all perspectives.

Each and every time, she restored my missing motion and proved to me there was always a breakthrough for me waiting to be had...


I always leave our sessions with a renewed faith, sense of purpose, and an understanding of myself so deep that it genuinely shocks me.


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