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What type of group events are available?

In addition to the scheduled events below, private and corporate group events are available. Whether you're looking for a relaxing guided group meditation, a rejuvenating energetic space clearing and blessing, or some invigorating mini-energy healing sessions for your employees, your group event will be tailored to the exact needs of your business or organization.  I also lead full and dark moon, equinox, solstice, goddess, and empowerment circles for private groups.

I'm available to facilitate workshops on self-hypnosis, the chakras, confidence building, manifestation, self-care, introduction to hypnobirthing, Shamanic Healing experiences, past life regression, and Reiki (Levels 1, 2, and Master Practitioner).

Private events vary in price based on the topic and duration of the event, required preparation time, number of participants, size of the space (for smudging ceremonies only), and distance of travel.

Prices start at $350

For more information email


Upcoming Events

One Spirit Shamanic Circle

Monday, May 6th from 7-9 PM

247 W. 36th Street, 6th Floor

New York, NY

As we move through this transformative and tumultuous time on our planet; a time when the indigenous people the world over have prophesied that a great quickening is taking place, a shift in the very core of our way of being, many of us are being asked to relate to ourselves and our world in a new way. In this highly experiential monthly gathering, we delve into the heart of Shamanism with ancient shamanic practices, journeys, teachings, sharing and community. And we learn to apply this esoteric and ancient wisdom for our own healing, empowerment, and sense of life purpose.


Come, explore, and meet like-minded others. Beginners welcome! $20 suggested love offering. All proceeds are split between the One Spirit Learning Alliance and the Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle, which protects and preserves indigenous wisdom. REGISTER HERE


The Shaman's Mind

with Jonathan Hammond

August 9th-11th at the Omega Institute


To think like a shaman is to align with a magical spectrum of possibilities that is available to us in any given moment. Huna, the ancient esoteric philosophy of Hawaii, teaches you how to connect with those possibilities. A spiritual system of ideas, hidden knowledge, and shamanic practices, Huna offers a gateway to personal growth and emotional and physical healing, cocreating our highest potential and manifesting our dreams.

Embedded in the Hawaiian spiritual tradition is the transformative practice of Ho’oponopono; a potent and multilayered healing modality that opens you to new ways of seeing and being. In this highly experiential and mind-expanding workshop, beginners and advanced practitioners alike merge with the psyche of the shaman and discover the innate, inner power that lies within each of us. Learn to infuse your thinking with the spirit of aloha, and step into the limitlessness that awaits.


Shamanic Reiki Healing

Master Practitioner Training

with Llyn Roberts and Stacey Gibbons

October 6th-11th at the Omega Institute


with Jonathan Hammond

December 6th-8th at the

One Spirit Learning Alliance