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What Makes

Lighthearted Healing Different? 


Hey… how cool is your best friend?

  1. Do they make you laugh harder than anyone?

  2. Are they your go-to for deep or emotional conversations?

  3. Are they your biggest fan and constant cheerleader? 


If they're your best friend, then I'm guessing you answered "yes" to all of the above. But can they also...

  1.  Activate your body’s natural healing processes to restore you to a state of physical and emotional well-being?

  2. Help you process the highs and lows of your life in a way that gives you a deep, spiritual understanding of who you really are?

  3. Tap into your subconscious to help you eliminate old patterns that are keeping you from achieving your current goals?


Probably not. But I can.


Don’t worry… I’m not trying to steal your best friend’s job! But a fundamental part of my practice is seeing you through best-friend-colored glasses the moment you step foot in my office. Forget Valencia, Clarendon, or Juno.

I use BFF: the Best Friend Filter.


And unlike Instagram filters, this one doesn’t photoshop away what’s real; it actually helps us see the authentic beauty of who you really are. From the moment we meet till the moment we part, I approach your healing and growth with the genuine love, joy, and empathy of a best friend, but also with the skill set, talents, and objectivity of a professional healing practitioner.


Here’s why this is good:

We compartmentalize our lives and our self-care more than ever. The result? Disconnected bodies, minds, and spirits—which isn’t a surprise since we treat each one separately. In fact, the way modern medicine is structured compartmentalizes even the body itself. We go to different "-ologists" for each system, often times forgetting the bigger picture of how every single part is connected. Although we are whole humans, we’re rarely treated holistically. In fact, I’d call it a rare treat. Being truly seen, heard, and cared for as an individual with a unique history and experience means more holistic and therefore more compassionate, thorough, and empowering healing.


And here’s why it’s important:

The common denominator problem I encounter with most people I work with is that the majority of us live our lives as three separate selves:


  1. Our Pretend Self: who we want others to think we are.

  2. Our Negative Self: who we’re afraid we are.

  3. Our Authentic Self: who we really are.


Our Authentic Self is like a precious gemstone. But often, as we go through life, we forget Who We Really Are, that shiny, beautiful, valuable, perfect self. We encounter people (parents, teachers, friends, partners, etc.) who project their own experience and their perception of our identity onto us, we experience traumatic events and emotional wounding, we compare ourselves to others, and we subconsciously absorb harmful message from the media.


All of these factors create Our Negative Self Image, or Who We’re Afraid We Are. Like dirt, grime, sludge, it coats us so thoroughly, we can’t even tell we are gems anymore. We don’t remember or believe we could possibly be something that wonderful. So, desperate to cover up Our Negative Self Image, we create Our Pretend Self, covering ourselves in sparkly paint and glitter to fool people into thinking we are something beautiful and unique.


We waste so much time constantly adding to and maintaining this facade, without realizing something much more incredible and authentic is hiding underneath. It might seem hard to put on gloves and clean all that sludge away, but it’s much harder to play pretend your entire life. Through deeply healing modalities like Intuitive Energy Work, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, and Shamanic Healing, we can get rid of this stuff for good and reveal the stunning Authentic Self that’s been there all along.


Seeing you through my Best Friend filter means I see you as the precious, shiny, special, beautiful, valuable gemstone that you really are…

until you’re able to see it yourself.

And that’s the kind of advocate we need in our health and wellness professionals. Best friend advocacy.


My mission is to shapeshift into the exact healing practitioner you need to access your innate ability to heal yourself so that you can live your life as the incredible gem you are: Your Authentic Self.


My vision is a lighthearted world that has healed through every individual taking a torch to spark their own healing, lightening their own hearts, and illuminating the way for others in the process.


Welcome to Lighthearted Healing.

We can see a gemstone's truest beauty when it has a source of light.

I can’t wait to shine the light on you.


With Love, Emily

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